Aim: To point out the dangers, side effects and risks of medical assisted fertilization, in vitro fertilization, embryo transfer and injection on sperm in ovum for mother and the child. Results: On the one hand the negative side effects for women of an abrupt rising risk for the development of neoplasm under pharmaceutical therapy are mentioned. Especially under a therapy which has the purpose to stimulate the ovulation of the ovary it lies around 100%. An increased level of certain hormones, as for example HCG, which influences the ovulation, is closely related with the risk of developing ovarian cancer. Clinical studies at more than 12000 infertile women (primary and secondary acyesis), with an average age of 30 years, show an elevated risk for the development of a malignant tumor of 98%. Also the application of Gonadotrophin is connected with a risk of 146% for the occurrence of cancer after a period of 15 years. FDT involves a risk of about 12% for the occurrence of breast cancer and shows also an aggravation for the risk of cancer of the endometrium from 79% up to 1152%. On the other hand the risk of spontaneous miscarriages under MAF, which is near 20%, and serious illness of the children, including 47% with need of intensive care unit support after birth, need to be realized. Furthermore the investigation of naturally obtained twins and through ART obtained twins shows in the arrangement a slower and poorer development of the children in the ART group with also great differences in physical development. In total the number of inherent malformation of newborns under the use of ART rises from 47 to 177 %. With an installment of 9% we notice that children who came into being by IVF and ICS also fall more frequently ill. (Teething troubles, more hospitalizations and operations, higher frequency of major inherent malformations). Conclusion: All women who want to undergo a medical assisted fertilization should be informed about the side effects and risks for mother and child.
[Med Arch 2011; 65(5.000): 312-316]

medical assisted fertilization, in vitro fertilization, embryo transfer, injection of sperm in ovum

Medical Archives is official journal of Academy of Medical Sciences 
in Bosnia and Herzegovina
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