Introduction: Reactive arthritis is an autoimmune condition that occurs as a reaction against an infection site elsewhere in the body. Reactive arthritis affects mostly young ages, mainly group age 20-40 y.o., mostly males with ratio 2:1 against females, sometimes 3:1, and even 14:1. The purpose of the study was to observe the mode of illness presentation based on the number of affected joints. Material and Methods: During the 01.03.2012 – 01.03.2014 in the Clinic for Rheumatology and O.S.I.R. “Vendenisi – AL” in Besiana have been examined, elaborated and hospitalized 100 patients with reactive arthritis, out of them 66 males and 34 females. Patients underwent necessary laboratory, hematological, biochemical, and immunological examinations. Subsequently each affected joint has been examined based on the propedeutics rules (inspection, palpation and assessment of the level of motility), as well as x ray examination. Results: From 100 examined patients 66% were males and 34% females respectively. 11% of them were in the 10-20y.o. group age, 30% belonged to group age 21-30 y.o., 24% of patients to 31-40 y.o. group age, 30% to 41-50 y.o. group age, and 5% of patients to the group age over the 51 year old. Regarding the affected articulations and modes of illness presentation, we‘ve obtained the following results: Knee was affected in 64.7% female and 52,12% male patients respectively, T/C joint in 50% female and 57.57% male patients, MTPH joint in 41.11% female and 48.48% male patients respectively, and R/C joint in 44.11% female and 48.48% male patients respectively. Oligoarticular type is seen in 73% male and 70% female patients. Monoarticular type is seen in 14% male and 13% female patients, and poliarticular type is seen in 10% male and 14% female patients respectively. Results from our study have revealed that: reactive arthritis is more frequent in males than females in ratio 2:1 in the infections of urogenital infection, 3:1 in nasopharyngeal infections, and similar in infections of enteral origin. Conclusion: Reactive arthritis mostly attacks young ages 20-40 y.o., while over the age of 50 and below the age of 20 is rarely seen. First reactive arthritis attack in males occurs earlier than in females. Most affected joints are: knee, talocrural joint, metatarsophalangeal (MTPH) joint, radiocarpal (R/C) joint, and proximal interphalanteal (PIPH) joint. Oligoarticular mode of illness presentation is 2.5 more frequent than mono and poliarticular mode of illness presentation.
[Med Arch 2015; 69(1.000): 42-45]

reactive arthritis, joint, monoarticular, oligoarticular and poliarticular presentation

Medical Archives is official journal of Academy of Medical Sciences 
in Bosnia and Herzegovina
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