Introduction: Brain tumors are a unique and heterogeneous group of tumors with which face a variety of specialties, mostly oncologists, neurologists and neurosurgeons. Due to their specific location all brain tumors are malignant, regardless of their malignant potential, because any expansion process within the skull, increased intracranial pressure and destruction of surrounding structures, which can cause neurological, quantitative disturbances of consciousness or death. Goal: The goal of this study was to record neoplastic processes of the central nervous system in patients of Neurology Clinic, Clinical Center of Sarajevo University in the twenty-year period (January 1st 1990 – December 31st 2009). The study was partly retrospective and partly prospective determined by three time periods. Material and methods: We reviewed medical records and documentation of patients treated at Neurology Clinic, which has 102 beds. All patients’ data were collected using a specially designed questionnaire for this study. Results and discussion: The number of secondary tumor process for the period 2000-2005 is greater than in the period 1990-1999, while in the period 2000-2009 is increasing (17.2%-30.3%). The male-female ratio is 52: 48. During the first two monitoring period there were statistically significantly more men, and in the last monitoring period there were more women. The mean patient’s age was 60 years. The most common symptom was hemiparesis for all observed periods evaluated with standard diagnostic tests: CT and MRI. Conclusion: We can conclude that CNS neoplasms in patients of Neurology Clinic, Clinical Center of Sarajevo University are present in the twenty-year period with total of 1.47%, and showed a decrease of 2.7% (1990-1999) to 0.47% for the period 2006-2009.
[Med Arch 2012; 66(3.100): 33-36]

brain tumors, Neurology clinic in Sarajevo

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