Introduction: Inferior oblique overaction (IOOA) can be primary or secondary, isolated or combined to other types of horizontal deviation, mostly with esotropias. Surgical weakening of IOOA means several techniques like; recession, myotomy, myectomy, anteroposition etc. Goals: we analyzed the effect of inferior oblique muscle surgical weakening comparing two groups of patients with primary hypertropia. Material and methods: In 5-years retrospective study, we observed 33 patients on which we did the surgical procedure of weakening inferior muscle overaction by two methods; recession and myotomy. Results: In total number of 33 patients, there were 57,6% male and 42,4% female patients with average age of 10,6±7,5 (in range of 4–36). There was 33,3% of isolated primary hypertropias, and 66,7% combined with esotropias. At 23 (69,9%) patients the recession surgical procedure was done, and with 10 (30,1%) myotomy. Better effect and binocularity was in 65,2% of patients in recession group which was statistically significant with significance level of p [Med Arch 2015; 69(3.000): 165-168]

comparison, weakening, inferior oblique muscle, recession, myotomy

Medical Archives is official journal of Academy of Medical Sciences 
in Bosnia and Herzegovina
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