We present case of nosocomial bacterial meningitis, caused by Serratia marcescens (ESBL), occurred following spinal anaesthesia. Although very rare bacterial meningitis is serious complication of spinal anaesthesia and early diagnosis as well as effective treatment is extremely important. Previously healthy individual, admitted to Orthopaedic Department for routine arthroscopy, approximately within 24 hours after operation was performed complained of headache and fever. Infectious Diseases physician was consulted, lumbar puncture was performed and purulent meningitis was confirmed. Cerebrospinal fluid and blood cultures of patient confirmed Serratia marcescens (ESBL), resistant pathogen and important nosocomial agent. Patient was successfully treated. Cases of spinal meningitis caused by Serratia marcescens are rare. Local resistance pattern is important and should be always considered when starting therapy. Infection control team was appointed because of similar case of meningitis one month before in the same Department, and after investigation discovered Serratia in anaesthetic vial used in procedures. New measures and recommendations regarding infection control were implemented at Orthopaedic Department. Meningitis as a complication should always be considered as a possible differential diagnosis with patients after spinal anaesthesia complaining on headache and fever. Early diagnosis and early treatment is extremely important. Knowledge and practice of infection control measures is mandatory and should be always emphasized to performing staff.
[Med Arch 2012; 66(3.100): 54-55]

Serratia marcescens, meningitis, spinal anaesthesia

Medical Archives is official journal of Academy of Medical Sciences 
in Bosnia and Herzegovina
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