Background: efficient communication of data is inevitable requirement for general practice. Any issue in data content and its exchange among GP and other related entities hinders continuity of patient care. Methods: literature search for this review was conducted on three electronic databases including Medline, Scopus and Science Direct. Results: through reviewing papers, we extracted information on the GP data content, use cases of GP information exchange, its participants, tools and methods, incentives and barriers. Conclusion: considering importance of data content and exchange for GP systems, it seems that more research is needed to be conducted toward providing a comprehensive framework for data content and exchange in GP systems.
[Med Arch 2014; 68(6.000): 414-418]

primary care, data flow, data content, data model, general practice, data exchange, general practitioner, information flow, information content, information exchange, family doctor, family care

Medical Archives is official journal of Academy of Medical Sciences 
in Bosnia and Herzegovina
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