Prof. Kenan Arnautovic, MD, PhD. (University of Tennessee, USA), Prof. Jacob Bergsland, PhD (The Intervention Centre, Oslo University Hospital, Oslo, Norway), Prof. Marko Buksa, PhD (Clinic for Internal diseases, Faculty of medicine, Sarajevo, BiH), Prof. Benjamin Djulbegovic, PhD (University of Tampa, Florida, USA), Bahare Fazeli (Inflammation and Inflammatory Diseases Research Center, Medical school, Mashhad, Iran, ORCID ID), Prof Armen Yuri Gasparyan, MD, PhD. (Department of Rheumatology, Clinical Research Unit, Russell’s Hall Hospital, Dudley, UK, ORCID ID), Prof. Vjekoslav Gerc, PhD (University of Sarajevo, BiH), Prof. Mehmed Gribajcevic, PhD (University of Sarajevo, BiH), Prof. Mirko Grujic, PhD (University of Mostar and Sarajevo, BiH), Prof. Zoran Hadziahmetovic, PhD (Clinic for Emeregency medicine, Clinical center of University of Sarajevo, BiH), Prof. Ahmad-Reza Jamshidi (Rheumatology Research Center Tehran University of Medical Sciences: Tehran, Tehran, Iran, ORCID ID), Prof. Jasenko Karamehic, PhD (Clinical center of University of Sarajevo, BiH), Prof. Abdulah Kucukalic, PhD (Psychiatric clinic, Clinical center of University of Sarajevo, BiH), Prof. Asim Kurjak, PhD (Dubrovnik International University, Dubrovnik, Croatia), Prof. Pavle Milenkovic, PhD (Faculty of medicine, University of Belgrade, Serbia), Prof Resia Pretorius, PhD (Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Pretoria, ORCID ID), (Prof. Zeljko Reiner, PhD (Clinical center “Rebro”, Faculty of medicine, University of Zagreb, Croatia), Prof. Osman Sinanovic, PhD (Neurology clinic, University clinical center Tuzla, BiH), Murat Ugurlucan (Istanbul, Turkey, ORCID ID), Prof Muharem Zildzic, MD, PhD (Academy of the medical sciences of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina–AMNuBiH, ORCID ID), Prof. Sukrija Zvizdic, PhD (Department for microbiology, Faculty of medicine, University of Sarajevo, BiH)

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