Introduction: Triploidy is a lethal chromosomal numeric abnormality, characterized on extra haploid set of chromosomes. It occurs in 2 to 3% of conceptuses and accounts for approximately 20% of chromosomally abnormal first-trimester miscarriages. As such, triploidy is estimated to occur in 1 of 3,500 pregnancies at 12 weeks’, 1 in 30,000 at 16 weeks’, and 1 in 250,000 at 20 weeks’ gestation. Case report: We present a case of second-trimester triploidy diagnosed prenataly at our center. 28-years-old gravida with a first spontaneous pregnancy had early gestational hypertension. Ultrasound examination in 146/7 weeks’ gestation revealed asymmetric intrauterine growth retardation. We recommended biochemical maternal serum screening during second trimester of pregnancy (AFP, HCG, uE3). Result of biochemical screening was indication for cytogenetic analysis from amniotic fluid cells and we recommended early amniocentesis in 156/7 weeks’ gestation. Result showed abnormal karyotype of the fetus (69,XXX triploidy), and DNA analysis confirmed Type-2 Diginy. Parents decided to terminate this pregnancy, and it was done at 22 weeks’ gestation. Conclusion: We emphasize the importance of non-invasive prenatal exminationes-biochemical serum screening during second trimester of pregnancy, and ultrasound examinations in prenatal screening of syndroma Down and other chromosomal abnormalities.
[Med Arch 2017; 71(2.000): 144-147]

Prenatal diagnostics, biochemical screening, early amniocentesis, triploidy, 69,XXX

Medical Archives is official journal of Academy of Medical Sciences 
in Bosnia and Herzegovina
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