Introduction: Gastric cancer is the second most important neoplasm in the world. Surgical resection is the treatment of choice for gastric cancer, and recognized by the International Union against Cancer (International Union Against Cancer – UICC) TNM classification of the parameters of the tumor and lymph node. Prognostic factors related to characteristics of the tumor by histopathologic findings have an impact on the planning of the operation. According to the results of most studies it is possible to predict survival and recurrence based on histological type and TNM classification of tumors on the one hand and the surgical procedure on the other. Aim: The aim of the research was to analyze prognostic factors that influenced the frequency of recurrence in gastric surgery patients. Patients and methods: The five year study covered a population of 100 treated patients of adenocarcinoma of the stomach at the Department of Surgery, University Clinical Center Tuzla. The first group were characteristics of tumors in patients with gastric adenocarcinoma. Lymphadenectomy and splenectomy, types of surgery were the second group of prognostic factors. Results: Histological type and TNM stage of tumor as prognostic factors had a significant impact on local tumor recurrence. The type of surgery had no statistically significant value for tumor recurrence (p = 0.7520). Conclusion: Statistical analysis of prognostic factors related to histopathologic characteristics of tumors and the type of surgery gave the results that had an impact on recurrence in gastric surgery patients. The most important prognostic factors were TNM stage of tumor and histological type of tumor that influenced the incidence of recurrence.
[Med Arch 2016; 70(6.000): 441-444]

recurrence, gastric adenocarcinoma, prognostic factors, surgery

Medical Archives is official journal of Academy of Medical Sciences 
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