The slamic authors of the medical and other works have become very known for West, but under well changed names, as for example Razes for Ar-Razi, Avicenna for Ibn Sina, Alhazen for Ibn Haitham, Avenzoar for Ibn Zuhr, Avveroes for Ibn Rusd etc. Up to those changes in the names has not come at any case come accidentally. This was the result of the religious striving to the cultural worls of the West, and not to speak about the plebs, only the giants are represented wich was imppossible to avoid. It is indusputable the great contribution of the Islamic authors to the development of the biomedical sciences. They not only succeeded to preserve the achievements of the preIslamic authors, than they by the own researches gave the great contribution to the development of these sciences and their disciplines, and they have overgiven to us as a dowry. [Med Arch 2010; 64(4.000): 253-254]

history of medicine, classics of islamic medicine

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